If you have never seen this legendary showcase of Fringe talent then where have  you been?

Every day there is a brand new show of 7 shows from all over the festival carefully researched and chosen by Merv’s dedicated team of reviewers.  THEATRE, COMEDY, CABARET, MUSIC, DANCE, CIRCUS, BANDS..... THE LOT!

Every day you can see both Fringe favourites and Fringe newcomers – the only criteria being that the shows on display are really good! Audiences and artists love it – and so will you.

“Radio and television have both tried to copy the Mervyn Stutter “Pick of the Fringe” format, but they have never done it half as well as the man himself does it every year at Edinburgh” Miles Kington, The Independent

Mervyn Stutter's Spirit of the Fringe Awards       

            or “The Mervs”

These awards have been presented by Mervyn ever since he began the showcase back in 1992, making them one of the longest running awards on the Fringe

“Mervyn’s show and the Spirit of the Fringe Awards are a worthwhile reminder of what the Fringe was initially for.” Stewart Lee

Mervyn Stutter's Spirit of the Fringe Awards are always presented on the last show creating a grand finale of talent to end each year’s run.

Previous winners include:
Ross Noble, Ed Byrne, League of Gentlemen, Omid Djalili, Scott Capurro, Honkin’ Hep Cats, Umbilical Brothers, Boothby Graffoe, Tim Vine, Barb Jungr, Huun Huur Tu, Jiving Lindyhoppers, Earl Okin, Linda Marlowe, Peepolykus, Antonio Forcione, Mac Tontoh and the Kete Warriors, Pluck, Mark Watson, We Are Klang, Bongo Fury, Jane Bom-Bane, David Sant, Phil Nichol and Priorité à Gauche, Owen O'Neill, Cal McCrystal, Mick and Phil Moriarty, Andy Zaltzman, Tripod, Tim Fitzhigham, Josey Long, Ivan Brackenbury, Camille O'Sullivan, The Rebel, Cell, Zoe Gardner and Stewart Lee.

Special Theatre Award – CHILDREN OF THE SEA (Sri Lankan Tsunami survivors telling their story alongside joint narrative of Pericles in a huge promenade show at Royal Botanical Garden)


This was his all star line up for the 20th



In 1992 Mervyn created and presented the first ever daily showcase of Fringe talent. He began in the Pleasance Cabaret Bar wearing a pink suit. The trousers did not survive the years into expanding middle age and he raffled the surviving old jacket off for charity at his 20th Gala Show. So then had to buy a new suit. He has. It’s pink. Relax. All is good again.

“When I first saw his poster I thought he was just an idiot in a stupid suit. Only later did I realise that he was an idiot in a stupid suit with a brilliant show. Every year I’ve seen something good that I wouldn’t have seen without the guidance of Mervyn. None of those things have been tailors.” Dave Gorman

“His trousers alone deserve the definitive title ‘Mr Fringe’ – a real boost to the greatest arts extravaganza in the world” Guy Masterson

The show was an immediate success with audiences and artists alike and soon became a highly respected Fringe institution.

“Mervyn Stutter is very, very good as compere of this chat show, for to make such a showcase work requires skill, talent and quick reactions. Stutter works the crowd like the showman he is.” The Observer.

“I hold Mervyn Stutter personally responsible for the present state of my career.” Boothby Graffoe

The showcase is every day at 1.00pm – 2.30pm which is when most audiences and artists are free. The plan is to help audiences find the best shows around - comedy, theatre, cabaret, music, dance – as well as discover something new and exciting. (With over 2500 shows in the brochure then they need all the help they can get.)

“Adulation, adoration and downright honest respect. Many thanks for the numerous times we’ve performed ridiculous extracts from ridiculous theatre shows to your enthralled audience. All hail to the Man in Pink himself!” Rejects Revenge

The invited artists are required to perform a five minute highlight of their show in controlled and professional theatre environment, after which Mervyn will quickly interview them where more details of their respective shows can be given to the audience in a friendly conversational environment. Audiences can be assured of quality appearances from Fringe favourites, Fringe regulars and exciting newcomers. All shows presented are carefully researched

“Since the demise of the late lamented Fringe Club, if you have talent but no money, the Mervyn Stutter Show is one of the ONLY places at Edinburgh where you can be assured of reaching a large audience and bring more people to YOUR show. Not only is the show an invaluable service to The Fringe, but, often forgotten, Mervyn himself is one of the most talented music-and-comedy acts ever to perform on the Fringe." Earl Okin



It all began back in 1992 in the old Pleasance Cabaret Bar.

20 years later and he’s back at Pleasance again!

And to celebrate there was a huge Gala Show in the 700

seater Pleasance Grand - proceeds from this and the raffle

of Merv’s old legendary pink jacket raised £5000, for the

Cape Town Charity Imibala where an Arts Fund has been

started to pay for specialist training for talented yet

disadvantaged township kids. There was an X Factor

style talent show November 2012 to discover the all the

kids who will now benefit from that fund.

SO - a huge thank you all those artists (many of them

previous Mervyn Stutter’s Spirit of the Fringe Award

winners) who performed for free to both celebrate the

20th Anniversary of Merv’s annual showcase and to raise

£5000 to develop and empower talented township kids.

And thanks to the Pleasance who provided the venue

and crew for free.